UX Research & Design


  • Personas & Customer Journey
  • Card Sorting
  • Concepting & Wireframing
  • (Responsive) UX Design
  • (Micro) Animations


For this assignment I had to create a new webdesign for EFI Web (European Federation for Immunogenetics), focusing on attracting new EFI members and simplifying the payment process for the annual contribution. To completely understand the complex EFI Web jargon we completed the business model together with EFI-web.


June to October 2018

To recruit new EFI members, I highlighted the benefits of a membership by simply showing the advantages. In addition, the visitor is able to see which articles can be viewed after becoming an EFI Member. These articles will unlock after logging in.

On the former website, there were no consequences in case a member did not pay the yearly membership fee. As such, it was possible to just pay the last fee whilst foregoing the previous ones. In the new situation, the user is always required to pay all fees in one go.