UX Research & Design
Miko Coffee.


  • Personas & Customer Journey
  • Concepting & Wireframing
  • (Responsive) UX Design
  • Project Management


After pitching my design at Miko Coffee, they decided to collaborate with my former employer, Redkiwi! Miko has been in business since 1801 and, in turn, has a lot of experience because of that. This meant that the new website required a more serious, but warm and inviting look. The idea behind this, is that it makes you want to get a cup of coffee. A good balance between the look and feel, as well as the functionality is of utmost importance. Because at the end of the day, the main focus of the website is to provide more conversion.

The website is coming soon... The developers are still working on it!


January to May 2020

The design was made to use beautiful large images, these mostly portrayed the colors black, white, brown and green. These images as well as the colors were picked carefully to create a warm, familiar appearance. There was a clear choice to only use black and white for the design itself, through this the photographs really pop out. Green was the color used for accentuating important elements within the design, this in turn puts an emphasis on the Fairtrade aspect.