UX Research & Design


  • Personas & Customer Journey
  • Card Sorting
  • Concepting & Wireframing
  • (Responsive) UX Design


This assignment entailed the creation of a new webdesign for MME Group. The difficulty of this project was the amount of different products and services that MME offers. So first of all, we needed to identify the different types of users and their online behavior. After that, it was important to find out how we could help these different users to achieve their goal.


Januari 2018 to June 2018

It became clear that MME had two main user types. The first group is dealing with a problem within its respective market and does not yet know what the solution would be. Therefore these users will navigate the 'Markets menu', where they can find which products and services best suit them. The second group on the other hand, knows exactly which product or service it needs. These users either find the products or services they were looking for in the searchbar or within the menu.